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Download Version 2.00, DOS, 37kb (zipped) 10/25/1995

PrintSmall prints ASCII text files on an HP LaserJet compatible printer. It uses a small fixed space font and prints multiple columns of text per page, landscape or portrait.

The default arrangement of landscape orientation with two text columns of 80 characters per line works perfectly for program listings, readme files or program documentation.

One column landscape handles big wide reports up to about 140 characters wide. Long narrow listings of numbers or file names look great at four columns landscape or three columns portrait.

Program Features:
  • You may print either landscape or portrait orientation. (Default is landscape.)
  • You may print 1 or more columns of text per page, limited by word length and how many words you want per line. (Default is two columns).
  • The program wraps each line to fit within its column.
  • You may specify the destination printer or disk file name. (Default is LPT1.)

Reported Problems:
  • Day and date are not properly positioned for multiple columns
  • The program ignores page feeds embedded in document and mis-positions text on the new page.

Requested Enhancements:
  • Accept wildcards in source file name (like "*.cpp")
  • Option to turn off footer (file name, page number, date and time)

This program is for FREE DISTRIBUTION ONLY! You may make and distribute as many copies as you like as long as you distribute the readme file along with the program. You may not charge a fee for copies!

If you use this program, you are accepting it "as is" with no express or implied warranty. I take no responsibility for any problems you might have while using it.
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