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Sample Screen Images

The displays in the LCARS screen saver are inspired by those used on the sets of the Star Trek TV series, especially Star Trek: Voyager. Michael Okuda, the Scenic Art Director for Star Trek, designed the LCARS format and creates the displays for the television and movie sets.

The images below are actual screen captures from my LCARS screen saver, although I scaled them down to fit on your browser. The real screen saver custom fits the display to your monitor at any video resolution. (These examples were in high-color mode at 800x600 resolution.)

Deflector Shield Status

This screen shows the status of the deflector shields on an Intrepid class starship. It is often displayed at the bridge engineering workstation.

I have seen variations of it for starships on ST: Voyager, ST: Deep Space Nine and the movie ST: First Contact.
Warp Propulsion System Status

This display shows you the status of the primary warp core and both warp nacelles. It highlights each pair of warp field coils and displays their status.

It is loosely based on the warp drive status panel in Main Engineering on the Enterprise D (ST: The Next Generation).
Biomolecular Scan

This screen summarizes results from a test the EMH has just performed on a sample from an alien visitor. The large molecule rotates as the test results scroll.

It is based on a display that usually appears on the back wall of the Doctor's office in Sickbay on the starship Voyager (ST: Voyager).
Standard Orbit

This display tracks the starship's current position as it orbits a planet.

Screens like this one appear on starships, shuttlecraft and runabouts. Sometimes they appear without the planet when a ship is not in orbit.

When Voyager is in orbit, one of these usually appears on the large workstation behind the Captain and on a small console next to the Helmsman.

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Last update August 18, 2002