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Download Version 1.00, Windows 3.1 or higher, 62kb (zipped) 6/2/96
The B'Elanna Torres Technical Advisor answers yes/no questions and gives advice for solving technical problems. It works a lot like the Magic 8 Ball(tm), "reading" questions from your mind and giving helpful (but random) answers.

As the Chief Engineer of the Federation starship Voyager, Torres is well qualified to help solve technical problems. When you ask her a yes/no question, she gives you one of about six answers. The Klingon part of her decides quickly, but the human part sometimes needs more time.

When you ask for advice, she gives you a technical suggestion. She normally gets her advice from a file of messages that you provide, but she has about ten default messages to use if the file is not there. Most of the default messages are for C and C++ programmers, but there are one or two related to starship technology.

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Star Trek: Voyager aired on UPN TV stations and is now in syndication. For more information, visit the Paramount Pictures Star Trek web site:

Roxann Biggs-Dawson is the actress who portrayed B'Elanna. For her official web sit, visit:

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