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Dennison Train Festival 2004  

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The festival included several excursion trains pulled by different historic locomotives.
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On the way to the festival, we stopped at the old Pennsylvania bridge over the Tuscarawas river and caught a Philadelphia to Columbus excursion train let by Juniata Terminal's ex-PRR, ex-CR EMD E8 diesels.

Former PRR E8A's 5711 and 5809 lead the excursion.

Now I see why nobody takes pictures through the side of a bridge.

Former PRR observation "Pennsylvania" brings up the markers.

Ohio Central ran an excursion from Columbus to Dennison each morning, then back to Columbus in the evening. It was powered by Ohio Central's beautiful FP9A locomotives 6307 and 6313. They were built for Canadian National as 6515 and 6526 respectively, then owned by VIA Rail. They were rebuilt by National Railway Equipment in 1990 and 1995.

They were on display between runs, then departed for Columbus in the evening.

Ohio Central 6313 and 6307, EMD FP9's.




In the evening, we chased the OC excursion train from Dennison to Columbus. While looking for it, we found an eastbound steam move waiting on a siding for the excursion to pass. It included Ohio Central 1293 and a couple of coaches towed by two diesels.

OC 1293 is a 4-6-2 built by the Canadian Locomotive Company for Canadian Pacific in 1948.

OC 2912 is an EMD GP35 built as Wabash 541 in April 1964. It became N&W 3541, was renumbered N&W 2912, and was retired by NS in 1991. It was sold to Trans-Dynamics, W&LE, and finally Ohio Central.

OC 3216 is an EMD GP40 built as Penn Central 3216 in 1968.

OC 4-6-2 1293 with a spare water tender and two baggage cars.

After a long day of operation, the 1293 had been shut down for the night and was under tow to Coshocton.

OC 2912, an EMD GP35.

OC 3216, an EMD GP40 led the train waiting "in the hole".

After the meet, we followed the excursion train through eastern Ohio into Columbus.

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