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Dennison Train Festival 2004  

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There was quite a bit of Maintenance of Way equipment, including a crane demonstration.
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The most dramatic display was this wreck crane lifting one end of OC GP10 number 706.

Ohio Central PX 300505, a crane or "wreck car".

OC GP10 706, built as a GP9 in 1957, was owned by Illinois Central Gulf.

The crane lifted 706 right off its front truck. (Note the shiny edge of the exposed kingpin.)

Left door: main generator below, roots blower above. Other doors: 16-567C prime mover with round handhole cover at each cylinder. Grates are fold-down service platforms.

Left door: lube oil strainer below, part of cooling water supply tank above. Right door: lube oil filter (with bolts) at left, pipe from oil cooler to radiator at top.

Different right door view: part of oil filter, air compressor, cylindrical sand box, and part of the number board behind it.

The Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) tag on the 706.


On display were a Fairmont ballast tamper and a Knox Kershaw ballast spreader.

This tamper levels the track by scrunching ballast underneath the ties.

The black frame extends out from the tamper to detect low spots in the track.

This spreader uses blades and brooms to shape and groom the ballast along the right of way.

This tool car was coupled to the wreck crane. The box car and coach beyond are on display at the station.

Several private owners brough historic Rail Speeders to the show. These were valuable MOW tools before hi-rail trucks became common.

Fairmont speeders like this one are quite popular.

The interior of the Fairmont.

Onan speeders like this one are also popular, especially in Canada.
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