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Dennison Train Festival 2004  

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Some of Ohio Central's historic freight equipment was on display, as well as a couple of ex-Norfolk & Western cabooses.

The caboose info came from Cabooses of the Norfolk and Western, by Robert G. Bowers and James F. Brewer, available from the Norfolk & Western Historical Society.
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The Ohio Central uses this historic freight equipment for photo freight trains staged for railfans and photographers.


Ohio Central caboose 554 was built as a Norfolk & Western class C-32P (number unknown) by the International Car Company in Kenton, Ohio in 1976. It is in active OC service, and was displayed on a maintenance of way train.

This side L to R: desk at window, lockers under cupola, refrigerator at louvres, seat facing right end. Generator is on left axle of right hand truck.


The old NW logo is barely visible under the new Ohio Central one.

This side L to R: sink at window, hot plate, toilet, lockers under cupola, heater, seat at window facing right end.

The ACI plate is gone, but it's location is clear to the left of the Ohio Central logo.


120 gallon liquid propane tank.

N&W class 208 swing motion roller bearing truck.


Nickel Plate Road caboose 454 is on display at the Dennison Depot. It was built for the Nickel Plate Road (as number 480) by the International Car Company in Kenton, Ohio in June 1962.

When the NKP merged into the Norfolk & Western in 1964, it was renumbered 557580 and classified as C7. It was upgraded for pool service in 1976 or 1977 and re-classed C7P. In 1990, it was donated to the Dennison Depot and re-painted in NKP colors.

Side and "B" end platform.

Side and "B" end platform.

ACI plate and stencils. "A" end is to the right.

"A" end platform.

"A" end platform and brake wheel.

View toward "B" end.

"B" end toilet and fresh water tank. Table and chair replaced refrigerator and sink during pool service upgrade.

Bay window with seat facing "A" end.

View past stove toward "A" end.

Bench on "A" end, replaced double bunks during pool service upgrade.

View toward "A" end.

Bay window with seat facing "B" end.

NKP class 184-3-128 swing motion plain bearing truck at "B" end (to the left).

Underside facing "A" end. Battery box was on this side, propane tank was on the other. Pully alternator for the electrical system is on the axle just left of the air reservoir.
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