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Dennison Train Festival 2004  

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The Ohio Central has collected a few other locomotives of various types.
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Ohio Central recently purchased this Fairbanks-Morse H12-44, built for the U.S. Army in 1953. FM's opposed-piston engines were difficult to service and were not popular with railroads. Very few FM locomotives survive, and one like this with its original prime mover is extremely rare.

Ohio Central 1852, an FM H12-44.

OC 1852 rear truck.

Volunteer Jeff Parren greets guests in the cab.

Closeup of the air brake.

The air brake and control stand.

Closeup of the control stand. The reverse lever is on the left.

Engineer's view from the cab.

Back of the control stand and air brake.

Hand brake behind the fireman's seat.

Ohio Central 2477 is a GE C30-7 built for Union Pacific in 1980. Ohio Central painted over the UP logos and added "OHCR" initials under the cab number.

Ohio Central 2477, a GE C30-7.

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