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Dennison Train Festival 2004  

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There were quite a few Electro Motive Division (EMD) locomotives on display. All of these are owned by the Ohio Central.
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Ohio Central 7378 is an EMD SD40-2. It was built as Missouri Pacific 3200 in 1975.

Ohio Central 7378, an EMD SD40-2.

Rear walkway.

Front pilot and plow.

Radiator grills and fans.

Dynamic brake hump. You can see a bit of daylight through the resistors and fan.

Inertial air filters.

Engineer's side of the cab.

Rear truck and fuel tank.

Lead axle of rear truck.

Fuel gauges.

Front truck and fuel tank.

A short excursion train had F7A 1000 on one end and GP10 7573 on the other. F7A 1001 was on display at the head of a maintenance of way train.

F7A's 1000 and 1001 were built for Milwaukee Road in 1951 and 1950, last numbered 81C and 81A respectively. They were sold to Dakota Southern, then Gettysburg Railway (keeping their MILW numbers).

GP10 7573 was built as PRR 7239 (GP9) in 1959.

Ohio Central F7A 1000 is former MILW 81C.

The 1000 leads at one end of an excursion train.

Ohio Central GP10 7573 at other end of the same train.

F7A 1001 poses at the front of a maintenance of way train. It is former MILW 81A.

Ohio Central 4218 is an EMD GP30 built as C&O 3024 in 1963. The "hump" over the electrical cabinet and cab makes the GP30 an easy locomotive to identify.

Ohio Central 4218, an EMD GP30.

GP30 front truck and fuel tank.

The 4218 was recently painted, and the Ohio Central paint shop did a great job.

Active service GP30 and F7A side by side. This would have been rare before 1970, let alone now.

Also on display were two other EMD units. OC 460 is an F40M-2S, built as Amtrack 358 in 1980. (OC has seven ex-Amtrack F40 type units.)

OC 736 (in Pittsburgh Union Terminal paint) was built as NYC 701 in 1949.

Ohio Central 460, an EMD F40M-2S.

Pittsburgh Union Terminal 736, an EMD SW1.
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