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Dennison Train Festival 2004  

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The Ohio Central has a large collection of Alco diesel locomotives, and many were on display.
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Ohio Central 400 is an Alco T6, built for Monongahela Connecting Railroad in 1968. It was later owned by Copperweld Steel. 40 of the 57 T6's built were for the Norfolk & Western. Number 400 is one of only 17 built for other railroads.

Ohio Central 400, an Alco T6.

The familiar Alco notched nose with sand bunker hatches.

The lights on the cab are remote control indicators.

Fuel tank with air reservoirs in the center.

Most of the display locomotives had signs like this one for T-6 400.

Ohio Central 3567 is an Montral Locomotive Works (MLW) M420W built as Canadian National 2567 in 1976.

Ohio Central 3567, an MLW M-420.

Front truck.

Rear truck with hand brake chain.

Rear hood with radiator intakes and wings.


Ohio Central 1077 is an Alco RS-3, built as Long Island RR 1553 in 1950. The RS-3 (and its predecessors the RS-1 and RS-2) were the first true "road switchers".

Ohio Central 1077, an Alco RS-3.


Ohio Central painted these two switchers in historic colors. OC 9100 (in B&O paint) is an Alco S4 built as B&O 9100 in 1957. OC 84 (in NKP paint) is one of four S2's owned by OC that were built between 1941 and 1948 for different railroads.

B&O 9100, an Alco S4.

NKP 84, an Alco S2.
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