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These images are designed to be used as Windows desktop backgrounds. They are already in Windows bitmap (BMP) format, and are sized to fit common screen resolutions. (Most are 1024x768.)

Click on a preview image to see the large version.
While viewing the large image, right click it to get a menu that
lets you set your wallpaper or save a copy on your computer.

Yellow fall leaves.

Jellyfish at the Columbus Zoo.

13th fairway at the Muirfield Village Golf Club.

Mojo Jojo from the Powerpuff Girls show on Cartoon Network.

Waterspout over Lake Erie. (Read about it here.)

Rhinoceros seen on our 2003 safari at
Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom.

CSX GP-38 2080 in Delaware, Ohio circa 1993.

N&W C630 1134 working the hump at Portsmouth, Ohio August 1979.

N&W C-31P caboose 518542 near Lockborne, Ohio circa 1982. (256 colors for lower memory use)

Mars, first view. (Image from NASA.)

Mars, second view. (Image from NASA.)

Mars, third view. (Image from NASA.)

Mars - NASA picture from Spirit rover,
Jan 6, 2004.

Mars - NASA picture from Spirit rover,
Jan 19, 2004.

Mars - NASA picture from Spirit rover,
Jan 20, 2004.

Mars - NASA picture from Opportunity rover,
Jan 28, 2004.
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January 19, 2004